Covid 19 information

In order to welcome all our passengers with the least risk, we provide masks and hydroalcoholic gel in all our vehicles.
Our drivers are all equipped with masks and our vehicles will be completely disinfected every day as well as the rear part between each client.


The safety of our passengers and our drivers has always been our priority. This is why we have implemented a large number of measures ensuring good social distancing between our drivers and our customers, as well as an ambitious and tailor-made disinfection protocol for our premises and our vehicles.


Each person working in the company has an individual washable mask to FFP2 standards provided by our company.
This mask will be strictly worn throughout his working day.
This tool is supplemented by a systematic disinfection process using detergents and disinfectants particularly suited to the fight against the spread of Covid-19, they are distributed as follows:

In our premises

– Washable masks type FFP2,
– Hydro-alcoholic gel,
– Disposable disinfectant wipes,
– Detergent and disinfectant solution for washing floors and surfaces,
– Permanent disinfection,
Any exchange of equipment (office supplies, phone, computer, etc.) must be subject to immediate disinfection using disposable disinfecting wipes.
– Disinfection at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, we clean the work surfaces (desk, dinning area, sink, coffee machine, etc.), disinfect the floors and all materials and surfaces that have been in contact with employees or the public (door handles, payment terminals, etc.).

In our vehicles

– Hydro-alcoholic gel,
– Disposable gloves,
– Disposable surgical masks for customers,
– Washable mask type FFP2 for the driver,
– Disposable disinfectant wipes,
– Newspapers temporarily unavailable on board vehicles.
– Vehicle disinfection (between two missions) Between each customer, we disinfect the seats, headrests, door handles, armrests, belt buckles and any other element of comfort used to greet the passenger with a disinfectant detergent said « surface ». The same procedure will apply for any equipment or accessory used during the service.

Vehicles are effectively decontaminated using sprayed products (Bactericide, fungicide and virucide used in hospitals and by ambulance workers: bactericide according to EN 1276, fungicide according to EN1650, virucide according to EN 14476 on Hepatitis B viruses, HIV, coronavirus, virus, H1N1.)